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How to use the Delay feature in Windows 10 Snipping Tool

How to use the Delay feature in Windows 10's Snipping Tool

The Delay feature within the Windows 10 snip Tool comes in handy once you got to take complicated screenshots on the fly. This walk-through can show you ways it works. However, on a recent consulting gig, I made a decision to jot down a how-to article to assist my shopper… Read more »

New Snipping Tool features in Windows 10

The main new feature within the Snipping Tool in Windows ten is that the addition of the Delay choice on the most menu bar This option permits you to pick a delay in seconds which will occur between after you press New and once the snip Tool grays out the… Read more »

Best Snipping Tool Alternatives for Windows 10

There are many alternative instances too once screenshots are helpful, like after you have complaints concerning code or would like an indication of one thing for later use. to try and do all of those, you would like a screenshot capture tool! By default, Microsoft Windows seven and higher than… Read more »