Snipping Tool to Capture drop Down Menu

Many times you’ll need to use the snipping tool to capture drop Down Menu. this problem is when your program wants to drop down the image menu will “lose focus” after you click the snipping tool and the menu disappears

In order to stay the menu follow the steps below Snip Tool capture Drop down menu. If you would like to examine however it works in action

  1. find and begin the snip Tool.
  2. once the tool starts it’ll be in “New capture” mode. Click Cancel however, don’t shut the tool.
  3. Open the menu you would like to capture.
  4. whereas that menu is open, press the “Control” and “Print Screen” buttons on your keyboard.
  5. this can re-activate the snip Tool within the “New Capture” mode.
  6. Capture your image.

Snipping Tool to Capture drop Down MenuThis works in Windows prospect, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

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