Where to Find Snipping Tool in Windows 8

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With Windows 8, Microsoft has introduced a completely new interface, the start screen. This consists of a variety of tiles that represent completely different sets of your information, whether or not it’s your photos or the newest news on your favorite sports team. this is often all fine and dandy however what regarding the Snipping Tool Shortcut in Windows 8, wherever has that small blighter disappeared to?

Snipping Tool for Windows 8Snipping Tool for Windows 8 Well, initial up there’s no begin button on the beginning screen. To access the Snipping Tool additionally because the standard assortment of Windows accessories, merely right click on the background of the start screen. This shows associate ‘App’ bar across the the lowest of the display then merely click on the ‘All Apps’ possibility. Then, additionally , an inventory of Apps, an inventory of Windows Accessories area unit displayed along side the good previous Snip Tool. in truth, all of your usual Windows programs is found during this space, a bit like the panel, Remote Desktop, etc.

If you start the Snip Tool from here, you’ll be taken to the Windows desktop to use it.

Snipping Tool for Windows 8

If you utilize the Snip Tool tons it’s going to be value your whereas right-clicking on the Icon and promise it to ‘Start’ or the taskbar. the primary possibility places it with the opposite apps that square measure ab initio displayed once you get to the beginning screen. a small amount like icons on your desktop, these are shuffled around to place them in additional handy locations for your use.

The second possibility, as pointed out, places the snip tool for snip on the Windows taskbar desktop. once more these icons are shuffled to fit your wants.

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