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With the look and feel of Snipping Tool for Windows 7 not changing drastically from Vista, it’s nice to know that the Snipping Tool is still located in its usual spot in the Accessories menu. For those of you not too ‘au fait’ with Vista or Win 7, here’s a step by step guide to get you using the Snipping Tool.

  • Click on the Start button at the left end of your taskbar.
  • Click (or hover) on All Programs to reveal a full list of applications and application folders you can access
  • There should be a folder called
  • Accessories’, click on this
  • The Snipping Tool should be listed in this application folder (pictured)

Snipping Tool for Windows 7For those of you who use the Snipping Tool a lot there are a couple of options available to you in Windows 7 to make starting it a little quicker and easier. Right click on the Snipping Tool rather than start it, and select either ‘Pin to Taskbar’ or ‘Pin to Start Menu’.

‘Pin to Taskbar’ will permanently locate a Snipping Tool icon on your Taskbar for the one-click start-up of the application. The Start Menu option will locate an icon permanently in the list of applications available on the Start Menu providing a two-click startup for the Snipping Tool.

both these options can be undone by simply right-clicking on the Snipping Tool icon and selecting Unpin.

So there you have it, a brief overview of where the Snipping Tool is in Windows 7

3 Free Screen Capture Software as a replacement to Windows 7 Snipping tool

Why pay cash after you will get one thing for free? you may have constant thought once it involves obtaining screen capture package. though Microsoft Windows seven Screen capture package is free, it will have some limitations. Below you may notice three nice screen capture package you may take into account as associate degree addition to your Windows seven snip Tool.

Windows seven snip tool Replacement 1: ScreenHunter 5 Free

Snipping Tool for Windows 7ScreenHunter five Free is a free screen capture package that runs beneath all versions of Windows and comes with each 32-bit and sixty-four. This free version has some limitations moreover as a result of there’s a professional version with higher options that the developer would really like you to shop for. However, for many users the screen captures capabilities within the free version would possibly simply be enough.

Windows seven snip tool Replacement 2: SnapaShot

Snipping Tool for Windows 7This is an awfully tiny application however versatile. It will create a screenshot of various sizes. the sole issue you have got to try to do is simply open Snapa, size it’s the window to suit the realm you wish to save lots of and press “Save” button, then you’re done.

Windows seven snip tool Replacement 3: Gadwin PrintScreen

Snipping Tool for Windows 7Godwin Printscreen is totally free and was created to be small and straightforward to use. you’ll be able to use it either to capture a screenshot and put it aside or send it to the printer. All you have got to try to do is to hit a pre-defined key on your keyboard and you’re done

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