New Snipping Tool features in Windows 10

The main new feature within the Snipping Tool in Windows ten is that the addition of the Delay choice on the most menu bar

New Snipping Tool features in Windows 10This option permits you to pick a delay in seconds which will occur between after you press New and once the snip Tool grays out the screen for choice. This feature permits you to click on menus etc before creating a range. These menus or choices could are ones that disappear once the New button is clicked i.e. once the snip Tool regains focus in Windows. With the delayed choice, you’ll be able to currently set focus to different applications even Windows itself before choosing your ‘snip’. for instance, this may enable you to require snips of fly-out sink menus, the Windows begin menu, etc. A delay between zero (normal snip mode) and five seconds may be set.

Here’s the way to use this new feature

  1. begin the snip Tool
  2. Set the Delay choice to the specified snip delay
  3. Click New and also the snip Tool can momentarily disappear
  4. currently, open/close the menus you need to snip
  5. once the delay has expired, your screen can go opaque and you may be able to snip menus, etc that might ordinarily shut once clicking New on the snip Tool

The first minor modification we have a tendency to found was the removal of the show icon within the fast Launch toolbar from the snip Tool choices dialog

New Snipping Tool features in Windows 10Another cash was the addition of a Print choice once you had captured a snip.

New Snipping Tool features in Windows 10

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